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Spending your holiday being driven by a private driver is the best way to avoid stress and optimize your leisure time. We can arrange your transfer to Puglia and pick you up directly from the airport, train station or your last Italian accommodation. We’ll also be proud to be at your side during your Puglian holiday and drive you through our beautiful towns and other places to see. We want you to spend your time enjoying our wonderful landscape and countryside of southern Italy without worrying about getting behind the wheel, so why not let us take care of that and you can have that second glass of one of our majestic wines at lunch. We’ll take care of the rest!


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With approximately 800km of coastline and surrounded by two seas, Puglia is one of the longest regions of Italy. The distance between the northernmost town and the Salento region in the south is about 400 km.

The biggest cities, such as Bari and Lecce, are well-connected to each other by train but smaller towns are not efficiently connected. Public transportation isn’t really the best option when travelling through Puglia as the different routes and must see places don’t connect efficiently. Puglia consists of many small picturesque villages and towns that are spread out all over the region and are far away from the biggest cities. The best solution to not miss the highlights of Puglia is to travel by car.

If you don’t feel like driving for several hours through the small, narrow roads typical of the area but you still don’t want to miss the best panoramic routes, you should book a personal driver. You won’t need to worry about parking and driving stress; instead, you’ll be able to admire the amazing views and you’ll enjoy your free time to its fullest.


map of Southern Italy with focus on Puglia region

  Rome - Ostuni 510 km

  Naples - Ostuni 340 km

  Bari - Ostuni 85 km

  Brindisi - Ostuni 45 km

  Matera - Ostuni 120 km



Getting to Puglia, Italy is really easy. You have three options: flights to Puglia or other Italian cities, train or direct transfer from your accommodation.

Puglia airports, Rome Fiumicino and Naples Airport: How to fly to Puglia, Italy

The main airports of Puglia are located in Bari and Brindisi. We provide direct transfers from both of these airports to your accommodation and then we’ll also transfer you back at the end of your stay. If you plan to fly in via Naples or Rome Fiumicino, we also provide direct transfers with a private taxi driver from these airports to Puglia.

The two main Puglian airports of Bari and Brindisi (Salento Airport) are well-connected to the main Italian airport of Rome Fiumicino, the northern airports of Milan, Bologna, and Venice, and also with Palermo Airport in Sicily. You can also reach Bari or Brindisi from the major European cities of Berlin, Munich, London, and Paris.

Puglia train stations

If you plan to arrive in Puglia by train, you should consider the main train stations of Bari and Brindisi, depending on your final holiday destination. The two main stations are well-connected to Naples and Rome as well as Bologna if you’re coming directly from northern Italy.

To/from your accommodation

If you’re holidaying in another Italian destination such as Naples, the Amalfi Coast or Rome prior to or after your holiday in Puglia, your private driver can pick you up from or drop you off at your previous or next hotel and drive you to Puglia or vice versa. If you’re looking for travel possibilities from Rome to Puglia or from any other Italian city, please feel free to contact us for a quote.


Imagine landing at a Puglian airport, being warmly greeted and picked up by our charming Antonio, your personal driver who will drive you around Puglia during your whole stay until your departure day. This is what awaits you when you travel to Puglia with us.

He will make sure you feel comfortable and safe, that you enjoy your time here, and that you get to the best places that Puglia has to offer at the right times, on the right days. You will get picked up and dropped off where it best suits you, and you will be safe in the knowledge that you have a reliable person at your side who is always happy to help.

Puglia has plenty of dry-stone walls, poppy flowers, colourful cherry orchards, and vineyards, as well as stunning country roads, centuries-old olive groves, typical trulli house, and historic masserie that will transport you to a fascinating, nostalgic atmosphere.

Are you really sure you want to experience this behind the wheel of a car? Or would you rather have the chance to experience it in relaxation?

Whether you’re travelling by yourself, with your partner or friends, whether you’re staying in a villa or masseria in the countryside, in a hotel in town or along the coast, we’ll always have the perfect car and driver for you. Havel a look at our private tours of Puglia region!

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Pros of hiring a private driver

There are many advantages to hiring one of our fantastic drivers. Driving in a new place can usually be a daunting task, trying to figure out where to go and which road to take. By hiring one of our drivers, you will immediately cut out this stress from your Puglia trip. Our drivers are extremely knowledgeable not only of the roads and routes in Puglia, but also of the times of day when it is best to drive certain routes to miss traffic, and of driving laws and regulations.

Parking is also a stressful activity and if you’re new to the Puglia region, you won’t necessarily know the best places to park to get the most out of the places you visit. With our private drivers, this is something you’ll not need to worry about. Our drivers know the Puglian towns and countryside really well and will know the best place to park wherever you choose to go. But of course, the best thing about using one of our private drivers on your tour of Puglia is the freedom to enjoy the immense beauty of the Puglia region while someone else does the hard work for you.


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